The Vintage Challenge: Best Films Since You Were Born

This is my follow up list in case you missed all the worst films chronicled in my lifetime. These are the movies I’ve proud to have been alive for even if my parents didn’t take me to see them on initial release.

1991: Silence of the Lambs

Best 91

I was born during one of the best Oscar years ever. I should have been named Clarice.

1992: Malcolm X

Best 92

My favorite book and the best biopic in my opinion all thanks to the Honorable Prophet Elijah Muhammad.

1993: Jurassic Park

Best 93.jpg

This image still sends chills down my spine. I have to close my eyes on the Universal Studios ride. Too real.

1994: Reality Bites

Best 94

This movie taught us how to be nostalgic.

1995: Showgirls

Best 95

All pelvic thrusts, all the time.

1996: Scream

Scream 96

I saw this movie right before going to  all night laser tag with my friend’s church when I was 12. I wouldn’t shut up about how this movie blew my mind.

1997: Jackie Brown

Best 97

Favorite Tarantino. Pam Grier is a Badass Motherfucker.

1998: Godzilla

Best 98

Fuck all y’all. I love giant lizards.

1999: Magnolia

Best 99

To make up for the fact I picked Jackie Brown over Boogie Nights. I still love this one, frogs and all.

2000: American Psycho

Best 00

Would love it if Patrick Bateman was Batman.

2001: Moulin Rouge

Best 01

Yes, I want Ewan McGregor to serenade me with 70’s hits all the time!

2002: Josie and the Pussycats

Best 02

Josie and the Pussycats is the best movie ever

2003: Oldboy

Best 0

It fucks you up for awhile.

2004: Closer

Best 04

I can’t watch this movie when I’m in a relationship because it makes me assume this person will leave me and I can’t watch it when I’m single because it proves love doesn’t exist. Trust no one, love is dead!

2005: Tsotsi

Best 05

The soundtrack changed my life. Would have never become interested in Africa if it wasn’t for accidentally listening to Tsotsi at a Barnes & Noble.

2006: Children of Men

Best 06

Wonderfully abismal.

2007: The Mist

Best 07

I can always get behind giant bug monsters and evil Marcia Gay Harden.

2008: Pineapple Express

Best 08

“Paper Planes” is my jam! Didn’t convince me to smoke weed but sold me on Rogen.

2009: 500 Days of Summer

Best 09.png

More movies that ruin love but those bangs…

2010: MacGruber

Best 10

One of the greatest comedies ever. Will Forte is a national treasure. KFBR392. KFBR392. KFBR392. KFBR392. KFBR392. KFBR392. KFBR392. KFBR392.

2011: Take Me Home Tonight

Best 11.jpg

Don’t get me started….

2012: 21 Jump Street

Themendienst Kino: 21 Jump Street

Who knew this would be so good?! Never doubt the power or Miller&Lord.

2013: American Hustle

Best 13

So many wigs. So much sex appeal.

2014: 22 Jump Street

Best 14

I said don’t doubt it!

2015: Mad Max:Fury Road

Best 15

Take me to the green place Tom Hardy!


I hope you all now question my sanity. Continue reading if you want to hear the backstories so why someone would be obsessed with Take Me Home Tonight or still have faith in David O Russell. Please bounce back from Joy, I’m rooting for you.


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